Copy of Abul Mogard

Abul Mogard approached music in old age. He was born in Belgrad and spent most of his life working in a Serbian factory. When he retired, he felt that his accustomed environment with all the acoustic noises he had been listening to during his working years was gone. Music was a way to somehow recreate these surroundings, and not having a formal musical education he realized that using electronic musical instruments would make this possible. These machines could also make similar sounds to the ones he remembered.

He started working with synthesizers and other devices, some of which he has built himself over the past few years. He made two solo albums, Abul Mogard in 2012 and Drifted Heaven released in November 2013. His latest work, entitled Lulled Glaciers, is made in collaboration with German experimental musician Siegmar Fricke and British sound artist Justin Wiggan and was released in January 2014.

All of his music, except some pieces featured in compilations, has been released on audiocassette by VCO Recordings (Pittsburgh, USA).

Event: Abul Mogard x Lucy Railton

  • Live electronic concert

  • 8PM, Friday, 27th September 2019

  • Venue: Cankarjev dom