Copy of Amnesia Scanner

Around five years ago, people started to notice a strange sonic entity emerging from different corners of the internet. It began as a series of amorphous and repetitive youtube videos and SoundCloud tracks that sounded as a deconstructed club take on apocalyptic beats and bass and overpowering trance leads. It felt as if an AI was waking up into nightmarish consciousness from the latent algorithms of track recommendations that swallowed all the trap and EDM and spew it back with vengeance. Even the name Amnesia Scanner felt uncanny and as familiar as alien. Each track title starting with "AS", the author's initials, badge, and poetic transformation of each title into proposition. If you wanted to know more, you might derail to their website that faced you with the noisy collages of image and nonsensical portmanteaus that only left you with more questions than answers.

As the tracks gained more and more distinctive form and a strange synthetic voice, its popularity or maybe infamy increased. First releases came out on Bandcamp with only two tags: "electronic" and "Berlin". Slowly the project was revealed as a brainchild of two Berlin-based Finnish musicians Martti Kalliala and Ville Haimala, that previously released music under the moniker Renaissance Man, an anagram of "amnesia scanner" and their first interview followed on The Fader's website in 2018 on the day of the release of their 'Another Life' album on Berlin's haven for forward-thinking experimental electronic music record label PAN. In the interview they say:

"Amnesia Scanner can be the soundtrack to the trip there, but it's not the answer. It’s our interpretation of the present, and for it to feel like now, it needs to be exaggerated, cartoonish, and scary — as well as dumb and funny at times. The contemporary experience is schizophrenic and contradictory. This anxiety or abstract horror that comes about from the political times and climate change we’re living through — every day there’s a crisis. But at the same time, there is this narrative being fed to us through Silicon Valley, that we would be delivered through incredible technologies around the corner that will somehow lift us up from misery. This kind of dark euphoria is a new emotion that is really present here.”

Event: Amnesia Scanner x CoH x patten

  • Amnesia Scanner presents: AS Oracle (live AV)

  • 9PM, Thursday, 26th September 2019

  • Venue: Kino Šiška