27 September 2018

Artist Toolkit:
Agencies - do we need them?

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Brandon Rosenbluth (b. Los Angeles) is a booking agent, music manager, label owner (Portals Editions), promoter (UnReaL), musician (Shaddah Tuum, reliq) and DJ (TUUM / xorzyzt) based in Berlin since 2009 and working at Littlebig Agency since 2011, representing left field electronic artists including Holly Herndon, The Bug, Mouse on Mars, Aisha Devi, and Emptyset.

Littlebig Agency was founded by Ned Beckett in 2004 in Brighton, UK after working at Warp Records and has been based in Berlin for over a decade with satellite offices in Brighton and Bristol. The agency went on to found Leisure System, hosting the first nights by an outside promoter in Berghain, and has transformed in to a record label and worldwide event series.