Copy of COH

In an interview CoH (pronounced “son”) or Ivan Pavlov says: “In Russian COH means both "dream" and "sleep", which indirectly implies that dreamless sleep is so useless it doesn't even deserve a separate word.” He moved to Sweden in 1995, where he, a self-proclaimed hermit, found peaceful isolation. It is ironic or maybe completely understandable then that after examining his body of work (mostly released on legendary labels Raster Noton and Editions Mego), we see a variation of collaborations. Most notable is probably with Coil’s Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson as a duo ‘Saisong’. Others, such as ‘CoH plays Everall’ or ‘CoH plays Cosey’, sees Pavlov use the recorded material from other artists to shape an album or he works with each track with different artist like on his last release ‘Cohgs’.

Just as varied can be his modes of expressions, which could be loosely gathered under the term avant-garde, which would tell us more about his approach to sound than about sound itself. He approaches it like a puzzle, simultaneously making and solving it. From glitchy and crunchy pulses during the Raster Noton years to melancholic minimalism like on ‘Music Vol.’ (2016) to abstract avant-garde ballades of ‘Cohgs’ (2017). Wherever his sound goes, his sensitivity and attention to details follow.

Event: Amnesia Scanner x CoH x patten

  • Live electronic performance

  • 9 PM, Thursday, 26th September 2019

  • Venue: Kino Šiška