Copy of Lakker

For the last decade, Lakker has refined and mastered their take on techno with a wide range of influences that span from industrial and classical to UK jungle and traditional music. Their own vision of sound and attention to detail results in a haunting and balanced mixture of rhythm, melody, and noise.

Their first release on the legendary R&S record label was their breakthrough album ‘Tundra’ that noted a higher stylistic focus than their previous album ‘Rudio’ and a more IDM approach gave way to a contemporary-sounding techno. In 2016 they released ‘Struggle & Emerge’, a concept album which was accomplished during a residency in the Netherlands that introduced them to the country's past and present struggles with the sea and constant danger of flooding, which was their primary inspiration for the music.

Their latest album ‘Época’, released in 2019 also on R&S label, comes after a fruitful period of their solo projects Arad and Eomac on Bedouin record label and Eomac’s own Eotrax label, as well as Lakker’s ‘Eris Harmonia’ EP and a compilation of their unreleased work ‘Die Vergangenheit, die Gegenwart, die Zukunft’.

They explain their perspective on ‘Época’ and the spirit of today: "We are living through volatile times, and as musicians it is impossible to avoid that being reflected in our work. Época is our personal response to the atmosphere of these times and the external political and cultural events that are shaping our world. Some positive and hopeful, some despondent and angry, and some reflective and introspective."

Event: Lakker x Sentimental Rave x Zergon

  • Live AV set

  • 11PM, Friday, 27th September 2019

  • Venue: K4