PETER KIRN is a musician, writer, composer, and media artist. His work includes creating platforms for exploring the connection between technology and live music and media, including running the daily music technology culture website, co-creating the open source, ready-to-play MeeBlip hardware synthesizer, and facilitating collaborative performance hacklabs with CTM Festival and other partners in locations from Berlin to Mexico to Indonesia.

His music has appeared on Detroit Underground, Instruments of Discipline, Snork Enterprises, and his own eclectic label Establishment, including collaborations with Nerk, Robert Lippok, Lower Order Ethics, and Marsch. Music projects have included collaborations with the European Space Agency, media archaeology, spatial audio, fashion design, and modern dance.

1. Event: Workshop: Machine Augmented Voice

2. Event: Peter Kirn live

  • Live electronic set

  • Midnight, Saturday, 28th September 2019

  • Venue: Pritličje