Ross Manning is a Brisbane based visual artist and musician who stages spatial interventions using everyday objects: fluorescent tubes, ceiling fans, household twine, brown wrapping paper, analogue overhead projectors and detritus from discontinued data projectors. Manning started creating kinetic sculptures specifically for their sonic potential, into which environmental influences were often incorporated. From soundwaves to light waves, Manning has an uncanny ability to foreground the hidden beauty in audiovisual technology. As a composer Manning has a long dialogue with the Australian sound art scene, operating under projects such as 4 Layers Of Nine, Faber Castell and Sky Needle– performing primitive hypnotic music played on built instruments.

Manning has exhibited, and his work is held, in Australia’s most prestigious institutions including Gallery of Modern Art; Australian Centre for Contemporary Art; National Gallery of Victoria; Institute of Modern Art; Biennale of Sydney; Perth Institute of Contemporary Art; Australian Center for Photography; Institute of Modern Art and Museum of Contemporary Art. International exhibitions include Shanghai Biennial; Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre (NZ); Alternative Space Loop and National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul. Manning is represented by Milani Gallery, and his sonic work is released on Australian label Room40.

He will present his work Ambient Paintings. Ambient Paintings (2017– ) are a series of ongoing works inspired by availability/detritus, incidence/ambience and form in space. Using a selection of dichrohic glass filters– a hidden component used in the manufacture data projectors– emergent qualities are foregrounded via new composition and display. The person installing is to make the aesthetic choices– the work has no imagery of its own.

Event: Festival & Exhibition Opening

  • Exhibiton artwork

  • 9PM, Tuesday, 24th September 2019

  • Venue: +MSUM