Copy of Tomas Nordmark

Tomas Nordmark is a Swedish composer, sound artist and graphic designer, currently living in London. He has many different music projects behind him: sound art, films, performances and exhibitons. His debut album ‘Eternal Words’ (2019) is a mature and beautiful achievement which recieved nods of approval from The Guardian, New York Times, Bandcamp and more.

He paints his compositions with a careful and harmonically rich sound design of abstract landscape of crystal, cold and pure images, which allude to the genres. On one side, he is learning the form of his music from the American minimalists of 20. century and exploring melodic textures of ancient Scandinavian holy hymns on the other. These two landscapes are juxtaposed on his own terms with modern electronic tools and techniques. This year, he fittingly opened the stage for a sonically related musician - Tim Hecker.

Event: Tomas Nordmark x Lifecutter & Iztok Klančar

  • Tomas Nordmark presents: Eternal Words (live AV)

  • 9:30 pm, Wednesday, 25th September 2019

  • Venue: Kinoteka

Ticket info: No presale tickets. Tickets will be available only at the doors for 7€. Entry also possible with festival tickets.

Please note: The venue is a small cinema hall and the capacities are limited. We encourage punctuality.