24 September 2018

Cankarjev dom, Kosovelova dvorana

Yair Elazar Glotman is a Berlin-based musician. Trained as a classical double bass player, he later studied media art and electroacoustic composition. He works in a variety of mediums including composition, sound art and sound installations, as well as composition for film, theater, dance and radio. He has performed at venues and music festivals around the world including ZKM Centre for Art and Media, Maerz Musik, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Volksbuehne, CTM, Donau Festival and Atonal.

He has accomplished much in the last four years, since his debut release. He initially distanced himself from his instrument to explore a highly immersive and textural electronic sound world under his own name and under the slightly more club-oriented moniker KETEV. But feeling haunted by the towering presence of the double bass he was forced to reacquaint himself with it under his own terms, which resulted in Études, a 2015 album at Subtext in which he tamed his double bass into a growling and majestic beast under his command.

The following year was even more exciting for Glotman. He managed to release three fully realised releases that cemented his reputation as the masterful explorer of sound. Two of them as the continuation of his KETEV project and one under his newest moniker Blessed Initiative, which marks a new highlight in his impressive discography with contemporary digital and electroacoustic sound design techniques.

2017 was for Glotman marked by collaboration with two releases: Compound with the drummer Marcello Silvio Busato and the pianist Rieko Okuda, and Negative Chambers with Mats Erlandsson. The latter is the project which will be presented at SONICA 2018.