Copy of Zergon

Zergon is a DJ, producer and sound artist from Ljubljana. A member of Synaptic Crew, who also works in the field of audiovisual performances and in the vast field of DIY electronics. He’s interested in club music as well as in sonic explorations and audiovisual experimentations, with sounds ranging from deep house and techno to IDM, noise and abstract drone music.

His live performance is based on improvisation - live sequencing of rhythmic and melodic patterns, shaping the sound of rhythmic elements, creating and shaping sounds on synthesizers, playing effects, mixing musical elements and field recordings. You can find his tracks on numerous Chilli Space compilations, Kamizdat compilations and lately even on his Bandcamp page.

Event: Lakker x Sentimental Rave x Zergon

  • Live set

  • 11PM, Friday, 27th September 2019

  • Venue: K4